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Welcome to Be Here & Now Relationship Academy! In this free resource hub, you can find all of my free content (I'll be adding more good stuff as it happens) and even unlock special bonus content, offers and more. 

I'm so excited that you're here!

Also, this site is mobile friendly so you can check it out on the go from your phone, or from your tablet or computer. You can also bookmark it on your phone's desktop. 

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1:1 Relationship and Communication Skill Coaching

Sometimes we all need extra support. There are no relationship universities. The world teaches us to behave in the way it works for them, so we can be nice and fit in.

However, when it comes to love, we often end up feeling confused and wondering, "What the @#$%$?! I've done everything right, and I still don't have the relationship I love.  

You may be able to attract amazing men, but as soon as they start getting closer to you, you may start freaking out and finding faults with them. Or, maybe you get attracted to guys that are not ready or able to give you the love you truly want? 

Many women feel unworthy of the love they crave.  I offer coaching to help you confidently embrace love from the right partner.


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Self-Love Revolution: Turn to Your Anger to Get the Love You Want

Ok, confess. You are wondering what I've been smoking. How can you possibly get love by turning to your anger?  Bear with me for a while, and everything will become clear. How does this make sense? 

Well, it doesn't make sense based on what we women learned for centuries. We learned that anger is an ugly emotion and that expressing our anger and dissatisfaction isn't pleasing to others. So, we learned that to get love from someone; we need to be pleasant, courteous, and sweet. 

when you keep functioning like this, it takes a toll on your emotional well-being. So, you may wind up struggling to know your emotions. Even if you know them, you wonder how will the world receive them.

You may feel if you express your feelings that people around you will not like you enough. And this will not allow you to show up authentically in your relationships, dating, etc. 

Not being authentic is one of the most significant obstacles to happy relationships or finding a partner that will be a good match for you. You heard it everywhere, "Just be yourself." But, how can you be yourself when you have a hard time knowing your emotions. 

We have a hard time being in touch with our feelings  because we were raised to attune to others' needs and feelings. 

Because anger is one of the most accessible emotions, it can help us get to know ourselves, learn how to express our needs, and set appropriate boundaries so that we can enjoy healthy relationships. 

if you learn how to manage and process your anger, you will gain emotional intelligence and sense of competence when it comes to relationships, dating, love, and so on. 

So,  let's dive into this course. Shall we? 


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