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In order to be ready for a relationship you want deep down, you need to be aware of your feelings and beliefs. Some of these feelings and beliefs are deeply rooted in your childhood, past relationships, or cultural upbringing. 

If you are like thousands of modern women, you may be trapped feeling that you need to earn love. Maybe your parents praised you when you did something right, something that pleases them. With their best intentions, they raised a high achieving woman, who always feels that she needs to prove herself. 

These kinds of feelings are accompanied with limiting beliefs that don't align with your desire to be loved and accepted exactly as you are. While you are trying to do everything right to get the love you want, your limiting beliefs and feelings don't allow you to ease into a happy relationship. 

In my work with clients, I help them learn how to be mindful of their emotions and beliefs. I teach them mindfulness techniques that help them stay attuned to their own feelings and beliefs. 

Your emotions are important because they provide information about yourself and how you show up in relationships.  They also help you understand your partner and be attuned to what they are feeling. 

I also teach my clients meditation techniques that help them create new beliefs that are more aligned with their goals. These techniques are powerful, and they can help you feel these beliefs and not just perceive them. 

Feeling the beliefs deep down in your body and soul is essential because beliefs are not just in our heads. If you are like my clients, you know you are attractive, kind, and deserving of love, but you may not be able to feel this way. 

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Get Ready for Love-Coaching for Singles

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I know it can be overwhelming and kinda scary to book a session and start working on improving your relationship. But, you don't have to commit at all. This is why I offer 30-minute initial consultations, so you and I can figure out what's the best path for you. 

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Resurrect Your Relationship-Coaching for Those in a Relationship

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You may feel like giving up because your communication doesn't seem to make a difference. 

Communication is just one of the critical skills for a happy relationship, but it's much more complex than just saying the right words. 

There is so much that is unsaid that affects how your partner receives your communication. 

In order to communicate effectively with your partner, it's helpful to be able to understand yourself and your emotions. When you can share your feelings with your partner, your communication is much more effective, and you can reach your partner's heart. 

This kind of communication helps you grow closer and develop a deeper bond. 

Work with me to learn mindfulness skills that will help you understand your feelings, your partner's feelings, and how to communicate in the ways that reach your partner and help you repair your relationship. 

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